Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flying Junction's Vintage Subway Signs Are Living History

I have long been a fan of the signage of the NYC Subway system. From their early days, through their absolutely perfect Vignelli-designed 70's incarnation, through to today, much of the signage has been and continues to be a living, breathing work of art as environmental typography. AIGA has a brilliant article about the evolution of the NYC Subway system here.

Ace Harrison also loves old subway type, which is what drove him to begin faithfully recreating it for his Flying Junction company.

From Flying Junction:

A Flying Junction is a railway junction at which one ore more diverging or converging tracks in a multiple-track route cross other tracks on the route by bridge to avoid conflict with other train movements. My prints and canvas signs are inspired by original subway signs and bus scrolls dating back to the early 1900's. I use hand-lettering techniques to create authentic, vintage looking reproductions of the original signs and scrolls. I believe that taking the time and care in my work to come as close to the originals as possible gives the viewer a more powerful feeling of connection with the cities and times represented.

They are relatively inexpensive - $19 through $129. And wow, do they look legit.

Buy them here.