Thursday, September 10, 2009

Movies In Frames Is Poetic

Movies In Frames is a cool site that breaks films down to four selected frames. Some of them are poignant, some whimsical, some poetic.

Take a look here.

Yes, The Motor City Is Burning

Many times I have written on here about my love for the city of Detroit. But it seems that 7 out of 10 murderers do not see justice in Detroit, and that the police force is in shambles. This article discusses the sad state of affairs back home.

Read it at your own risk.

BTW - for more of my polaroids of the D, go here.

Terrible Typefaces and IKEA's Big Type Mistake

Just read this article about the controversy swirling around IKEA's insane decision to change their official typeface from the classic, perfect Futura to the inane, clunky Verdana. Terrible, terrible, unthinkably bad decision. People are so incredulous about this decision that there is even an online petition about it.

The article also goes on to discuss other typefaces that make people angry. Take a read, it's good stuff.

Thanks again Nubby for the heads up.