Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saville's Gravestone For Tony Wilson Is So Fitting

One of my favorite designers of all time, Peter Saville (he of Joy Division/New Order/Suede fame to name just a few) designed the gravestone for fellow luminary Tony Wilson (he of Factory Records/Joy Division/New Order/Happy Mondays fame). Wilson is significant enough to have had one of my Top 25 Films of the Decade made about him, to typically hilarious results.

This gravestone is incredibly beautiful and understated, which is to say nothing like the man it represents (just kidding). Wilson was a man of incredible vision and drive, and the world would be a very, very different place had he not existed.

PS - thanks Phil for the heads up.

Banksy Does The Clash, Typical Brilliance Ensues

Banksy, one of the most significant artists of the past decade, has created many, many pieces that comment on the state of affairs both in the United States and Great Britain. But this piece, truly is spectacular. By pairing the iconic image of spirit of punk - Paul Simonen smashing his Fender bass on the cover of The Clash's London Calling (one of the Top Ten Albums of All Time) against the symbol of modern man's vacuous lifestyle - the office chair, Banksy has said more about the contemporary state of youth than any academic treatise ever could.

Powerful, thought-provoking work. What true art should do.

Minnesotans Poster of Minnesota Is Great Dontcha Know

This tribute poster to Minnesota by Burlesque of North America is awesome. So are the 'Sotans themselves - they don't call it "Minnesota Nice" for nothing. Some of the best people you will ever meet.

Lots more great stuff to be found here.