Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arial Vs. Helvetica Side By Side Comparison

Nice comparison of Arial (garbage) Versus Helvetica (brilliant) over at The RagBag.

Check it out here.

PS - Thanks Nubby.

Polaroid of the Week: the 80's Are Back and So Am I

For the first Polaroid of the Week, I've chosen one of me from back in the day. The early 80's were a good time - the Tigers won the World Series, The Clash were still together, the A-Team was on TV. On a side note, that couch in the background continues to live on in Madison, WI. though I have no idea where.

The title of this post is for you Jane!

Hello/Goodbye Old MCS

My good friend Doc sent me this pic he found of my old studio (the MCS) back in Madison, WI. It seems like a hundred million years ago. So much of who I am as an artist was formed in that space. It will always hold a place in my heart.

Thanks Doc - for sending all those memories in one pic.

Witness the Power of Helvetica

Mmm...Helvetica...pure graphic communication....

This Seems Like Sound Advice

This seems like sound advice...

The Language of Design Is Truly Universal

People often say that music is the international language, but now, in this technological, contemporary world, it seems that the visual language - the language of design - is the true visual currency.

Here you go.

One of My Favorite Movie Posters of All Time

This is a poster for 2001: A Space Oddity by Stanley Kubrick. 2001 is one of the greatest films ever made, so it fully deserved one of the greatest promo posters ever. Clever and aesthetically appropriate, this is too awesome.


10 Common Type Mistakes: So Basic, But So True

Great list of commonly mistaken type problems. Read it here - it's a good reminder.

PS - here are a couple of cool ampersands. That is all.

UPDATE - For the first time ever, I beat Nubby to a link!

I Want this T Shirt

More good stuff to be found here.