Friday, May 1, 2009

Iggy and Dinah Shore, 1977

One of my greatest heroes, Iggy Pop, discusses the influence of Detroit on punk. Awesome. The way that he describes Detroit is perfect.

It's also interesting to see him speak intelligently and with considerable charm. Too awesome.

Hoefler & Frere Jones Ampersand Discussion

Over at the great, great Hoefler & Frere Jones there is an excellent examination of many of the ampersands in the H&FJ typefaces. Pretty awesome. Take a look here when you have the chance.

Thanks again Nubby, for pointing this out.

Top Ten Patti Smith Songs UPDATED

Punk's high priestess, Patti Smith, is a great amalgam of a bunch of things I love: ferocious live performance, reverence to literary icons, exceptionally well written lyrics, is unspeakably cool, and oh yeah, was married to Fred Sonic Smith of the MC5, which is cool enough on it's own. She is one of my biggest influences and a hero of the first degree.

So without further ado, my Top Ten Patti Smith Songs.

1. Dancing Barefoot
2. Ask The Angels
3. Distant Fingers
4. Gloria
5. Rock & Roll
6. Frederick
7. Because The Night
8. Summer Cannibals
9. Wing
10. My Blakean Year