Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beautiful Losers Trailer Is Inspiring

Watch this. Then go work. Smile, and be happy.

Tilt Shift Photo Style Comes To Video

Fire (Jimmy Edgar Remix)-Codebreaker Feat. Kathy Diamond from Erik West on Vimeo.

Tilt shift photography has been the thing for awhile now, but this is the first time that I have really seen in done in motion. The results are spectacular. Check it out.

The Summer Polaroid Project

I absolutely am insanely in love with Polaroids, and am incredibly sad to find out that they no longer are being manufactured. So, so sad.

Anyway, I will be doing some epic post about them in the future, but for now check out some samples of my Summer Polaroid Project. I shot a bunch of stuff and wish I could have shot more. Check it out here.

BTW - while you are there, check out my Majestic Summer Beard Project as well.

The Dead Weather + Aesthetic Apparatus = Killer

My favorite band of the moment, The Dead Weather, have commissioned Aesthetic Apparatus (one of the very, very best gig poster designers in the entire world) to design several posters for their upcoming shows. Screened in the trademark band colors black, white, and yellow, the posters are, of course - knockout.

Do yourself a favor - go buy a poster (or all three for $100) and Horehound, the debut album from the Dead Weather. You won't be sorry on either count!

Buy posters here and records here.

BTW - I love it when great artists get together, and this is definitely a case of that. Awesome.

Young Monster Juxtapose With the Best of Them

Print collective Young Monster utilizes a combination of stark juxtaposition, collage, and traditional screenprinting in a fresh and unique way.

Check them out here.