Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seven Days Does It Again

You have probably seen the great work of Seven Days somewhere online, like FFFound for example. I love this great design for an LP by Marina.

Check it out here - check out the other great stuff too.

Paul Buckley Design For Penguin Books Is Fabulous

Paul Buckley designs for Penguin books, and so you know he knows what he's doing! Enjoy his work here.


Manhattan Tree House Project Is Superb

Saw this over at the excellent Build site - the Manhattan Tree House Project. From Build:

Constructed in the Armory Building of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the project is one of the main fixtures for the Microsoft Open House and launch of Windows Mobile 6.5. The 12-foot tall by 32-foot long tube enclosure sits ten feet in the air and rests between (4) 24-foot tall logs.

Built by the indispensible Wes Weaver, super-builder/motivator in conjunction with NYC teamsters. Teaming with Wes on the construction was Kevin Eckert who provided construction management sharp-shooting in addition to elbow grease on the project. Designed by Andrew van Leeuwen, BUILD LLC worked in conjunction with the creative direction of powerhouse Workbench Creative -thanks to Greg, Matt and John Wallis. The concept is the brainchild of Seattle based masterminds Wexley School for Girls. The tricky structural engineering was provided by Swenson Say Faget Structural Engineers -thanks to Paul.

You really have to read it to believe it. So cool, so, so cool.

Anything Art Chantry Related Is Awesome

As I've discussed in the past, Art Chantry is one of my favorite designers ever. Chantry has been speaking at various academic institutions of late, and though I haven't been able to attend any of them, I can watch from a distance with envious eye.

At left is a poster for another of these engagements, proving that when other designers attempt to work in his unique style, they can sometimes get it right (unlike David Carson).

Milton Glaser Talks About Drawing, While Drawing


Spotted this over at Drawn! - stole their blogpost title too.

Bonus Music Video of the Week: Tom Fun Orchestra

Tom Fun Orchestra-Bottom of the River from trunk animation on Vimeo.

Wow, this is awesome. So awesome, I had to add a bonus Music Video of the Week. Enjoy.

Drawn! Totally Rocks the Illustration Blogs

With all the good will surrounding Where the Wild Things Are (which I am dieing to see) alot of emphasis has been placed on illustration in the design/art media. Drawn! is the best blog that I have found concerning illustration. Chock full of great stuff, like this.

Check it out here.

McKenna Makes Detroit Look Like It Does In My Mind

I've often looked at myself and my relationship with Michigan like James Joyce and Dublin. Joyce, having left Ireland for good, idealized Ireland, attaching romantic qualities to the dirty, soot covered backstreets and smoky, dive-bar-type pubs. And I guess I do the same thing - I find the grimy, rusting, post-industrial landscape poetic, apocalyptic, hopeful, beautiful, and kind of dreamy. The longer I stay away it seems, the more I feel like royalty in exile - Napoleon in Elba, staring out to sea, endlessly dreaming of home.

Michael McKenna
it seems, shoots Detroit not as it actually appears, rather how it appears in my mind. McKenna makes River Rouge - a post-apocalyptic nightmare or smoke and fire and ominous, gargantuan iron landscapes - look heavenly. Take a look at his work here, it is fabulous.

I love to look at his work here, on this Sunday morning, as I recover from yet another illness, dreaming of home.