Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 25 Essential, Classic Typefaces Everyone Should Own

Spoongraphics has a nice list of the top 25 Essential Typefaces. I would have to agree with the vast majority of their selections. (No Gotham though, and that seems inexcusable!)

BTW - I in fact do not own DIN, pictured at left, which really grinds me as it is one of my favorite faces of all time.

Album by Jonsi of Sigur Ros As Good As You Might Think

The new album by Sigur Ros lead singer Jonsi has arrived, and it is exactly what you thought it would be. Orchestral, moving, glorious, amazing, and totally overwhelming. If listening to Riceboy Sleeps doesn't stir up places in yourself, then you should go to the hospital, because you may actually be dead.

Check out their great site too - Jonsi and Alex have produced alot of beautiful artwork as well. Go here to take a look.

Take a listen here - it will blow you away.

BTW - I absolutely love the cover as well.

Lomographic Society International Is One Stop Shop For Polaroiders

The Lomographic Society International website is an amazing resource for anyone out there interested in Polaroid, Holga, Poladroid, Diana, Instax, or Holgaroids. Sales, information, galleries, etc. - basically anything and everything that you need to know in order to get started, or to augment your experience.

Take a look here, it's fantastic.

BTW - the image at left is of DeNiro from the filming of Taxi Driver, shot on a Warhol approved Polaroid BigShot. Super cool.