Sunday, July 5, 2009

Top Ten Sunny Day Real Estate Songs

In honor of their recent resurrection, I give you my Top Ten Sunny Day Real Estate Songs. One of the greatest bands of the last decade. A bit of an acquired taste, but man will they infect you.

1. In Circles (Diary)
2. Friday (The Pink Album)
3. J’Nuh (The Pink Album)
4. Seven (Diary)
5. The Rising Tide (The Rising Tide)
6. Rodeo Jones (The Pink Album)
7. 5/4 (The Pink Album)
8. Killed By An Angel (The Rising Tide)
9. Faces In Disguise (The Rising Tide) - best version on youtube, sorry.
10. Red Elephant (The Pink Album)

Treat Me Like Your Mother Trailer Looks Interesting

Jack White's new side band, The Dead Weather, release their new album on July 14 - Bastille Day, and my birthday too. The video for "Treat Me Like Your Mother" was directed by Hollywood big shot Johnathan Glazer. Jack is calling it a short film, and will premiere on Cinemax on July 11th at 9:55.

Here is the trailer - it looks pretty Tarantino-esque.

BTW - There are actually two trailers, and I kind of like the other one better, but there is no embedding on that one.