Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yodabaz Is Killer Flash Design

yodabaz.com is one of the best flash sites I have ever seen. You should check it out, you really should. It's killer.

Rolling Stone Covers Remind Me of When RS Was Good

Over at the solid inspiredology.com they have a three part examination of the design of Rolling Stone covers.

Reading the posts really reminded me of when RS was a quality rock magazine, full of superb interviews with substantive musicians from Joe Strummer (the cover at left) to Marvin Gaye. Now? Zac Efron, The Girls of the Hills, Taylor Swift, or whatever crap is popular that week. Rolling Stone are nothing but a bunch of swill merchants, published by the same group behind Maxim magazine.

I know I sound old, but it makes me truly sad to see what Rolling Stone has become. Often they will attempt to write "serious journalism", but it comes off as a public service message in the middle of the Jonas Brothers TV show - silly, absurd, and impossible to take seriously.

Anyway, head over to the three part posts here.

Banksy Takes Bristol: Banksy Show Update

Seriously, there is no other contemporary artist other than Banksy commands this type of a media response. Too awesome. Watch this video to see several works from the exhibition.

Music Video of the Week: The Horrors

The aforementioned Primary Colours by the Horrors is a fabulous new record, and the Music Video of the Week comes from that record. If this is your first experience with The Horrors, I hope you dig it.


Change The Thought: The BEST There Is

There are literally dozens, dozens of exceptional pieces at the unbelievably great Change The Thought. Wow - I am literally blown away. Often I will point out great designs or great designers, but seriously, this is a must see designer. Go here to have your socks knocked off. Yeah, I said it.

BISON Design Is Killer

Lots more where this came from! Check it out here.

10 Commandments of Good Design Are True

From Vitsoe:

Back in the early 1980s, Dieter Rams was becoming increasingly concerned by the state of the world around him – “an impenetrable confusion of forms, colours and noises.” Aware that he was a significant contributor to that world, he asked himself an important question: is my design good design?

As good design cannot be measured in a finite way he set about expressing the ten most important criteria for what he considered was good design. Subsequently they have become known as the ‘Ten commandments’.

Go check them out here.

BTW - Thanks again Nubby.

Moon Poster Is Great Too

Sorry to have an additional post for Moon, but I'm digging the poster as well. Check it.

Moon Trailer Looks Exciting

New trailer for the film Moon starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones. Anything with Rockwell is worth seeing, and Jones is the son of David Bowie, so there you go. Check it out.