Monday, August 2, 2010

Pilot Handwriting Fonts Are, Um, Interesting?

Pilot pens have created a way for users to make and use a typeface from their own handwriting, really, really easily. Go here to try it out.

From Core 77:

We're digging Pilot's fun bid to stay relevant in the computer era. As their products have increasingly become disconnected from correspondence, the writing instrument manufacturer gives you one last opportunity to use an actual physical pen for e-mail, if only once, and inject a bit of your personality into as many future e-mails as you like.

2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour Is Beyond Cool

The 2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour is a traveling film fest that shows a film in the actual city it is set in. Example: Robocop is set in Detroit, so they are showing it in Detroit. It's a cool idea, but these Saul Bass inspired posters are just too, too awesome for words. Go to their site and check them all out - each one is killer in it's own right.

Enjoy it here.