Sunday, May 24, 2009

Die Hundred Besten Schriften Is Coolden

The Die Hundred Besten Schriften (or 100 Best Typefaces in History) is all in German, which I do not speak, read, or write. The fact that the page is still worth spending enormous amounts of time though I don't understand the language is a tribute to how wonderful of a resource the page is. Spend some time and wander around - it is an amazing plethora of information.

Check it out here.

BTW - the image at left is the cornerstone of the unfinished Freedom Tower in NYC, set in Gotham of course.

Hampus Jageland is All Over the Web

Hampus Jageland has received tons of press recently, especially for his book jacket designs. He's been everywhere of late it seems - FormFortyFive, FFFFound, etc.

Take it from me - go straight to his actual portfolio, it's beautiful.

Check it out here.

Chris Seddon Illustration is Beautiful

Young British illustrator Chris Seddon has a bunch of excellent work in his portfolio. It's all quite strong, but I especially enjoy the work under the "personal" tab - the ironic usage of typography dramatically alters the message of the imagery. Check it out here. Enjoy.