Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Derringer Cycles Are The Coolest Thing On Two Wheels

In the past I wrote about the RatRod cycling industry, and the inspired retro-styling of RatRod bikes. Derringer Cycles utilizes some of the same vintage styling but goes to a new level through their products.

Derringer Cycles are absolutely more motorcycle than bicycle, and the difference is obvious upon first glance. The designs are absolutely gorgeous, and by all reports they are all around killer machines to ride. And like alot of other great inventions from history, necessity was the mother of invention in inspiring their function.

From Executive Edits:

Derringer Cycles neo-classical interpretation of the old board track racers, place the rider in an aggressive riding position without compromising safety. In this way, style plays a more active role in the vehicles function. “You feel as though you are riding 100mph when in reality you are moving much slower.” In truth, a custom Derringer tops out at 35mph. They have a lot of torque and are quicker. Lighter. “A Derringer Cycle has ‘it’ when it comes to mopeds”.

For lots more, go here. Also, Executive Edits has a great interview with Derringer Cycle maker Adrian Van Anz - go here to check it out. It is a very worthwhile read.