Monday, April 25, 2011

An Entire Magazine Design In 90 Seconds

Little White Lies
is a good magazine of art, music, etc. In the video, their entire creative process for an issue is condensed to 90 seconds. And it is amazing. And it reminds me of Ivy Leaves a bit too.

Thanks Nomes for the heads up.

Louise Fili Subway Poster Is Historical, Impactful

The great Louise Fili has designed a subway poster for the NYC subway system for the School of Visual Arts. The posters draws upon the antique signage still present in the subway system, embedded into the mosaic tiling. While the signage has been totally updated through the years, the original mosaic tiling remains intact in most cases.

Fili was able to create something as timeless and beautiful as the original signage, with a superb literary reference as well. Beautiful.

Check out her process here.

LetterMPress Is Worthy, Needs Your Help

LetterMPress is a Kickstarter project to bring authentic letterpress to the iPad. Sounds strange huh? Watch the film above - they explain the whole thing.

Contribute here. Keep Letterpress alive.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Muse Marie-France Pisier Was Lovely, RIP

On the heels of the death of American legend Elizabeth Taylor, comes Marie-France Pisier, starlet of the French New Wave, dead at 66.

Pisier began her film career when she starred as Colette in Truffaut's wonderful short film Antoine and Colette in 1962. This was the follow up to the spectacular The 400 Blows, which led to further extensions of the Antoine Doinel film cycle, where Pisier reprised the character of Colette in both Stolen Kisses (1968) and Love On The Run (1978).

I am a huge, huge fan of Truffaut, and in particular, the Antoine Doinel cycle. Pisier is magnificent in these films, especially in Antoine and Colette as the gorgeous but unattainable object of desire for the young Doinel. The scene where he first spots her in the cinema is pure magic, a poignant snapshot of the exact moment when a young man falls for a beautiful girl - all played out through the expressions between Antoine and Colette, without dialogue. These are some of my favorite moments in film history.

Marie-France Pisier, Rest In Peace.

Rockwell Typeface Playing Cards Are Playful, Brilliant

Spotted these playing cards made up entirely from the typeface Rockwell. They are amazing, really opening the expressive, playful, child-like nature of Rockwell. I have always liked that face since working with Silas Godfrey on his typeface Dr. Dash, which was derived from Rockwell.

Check them out here - they are fantastic. And check out Silas' Dr. Dash here.

Shed Labs Is Here (In Greenville) To Save The Day

Shed Labs is a partnership between several brilliant designers - Wellington Payne, Robbie Cobb, and Beau Bailey, right here in Greenville SC. They offer first rate illustration, design, and gig poster printing.

I know Wellington and Robbie, and they are two of the most brilliant minds you will ever come across. And they are super nice guys to boot. If you need any work, go to them. They will blow your minds and come in on budget.

Find them here.

Veer Brings Letraset To Their House Typefaces

I have always loved Letraset, the old-school dry transfer method of placing typography. Beyond graphic design, Francis Bacon used the stuff with significant success in his later paintings, and my friend and genius painter Ryan Nygard also used Letraset in his own work.

Now Veer has created new Letraset-style dry transfers for their own house typefaces. This is especially important, as Letraset has become increasingly difficult to get ahold of.

Try some, buy some, you will enjoy it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jesse Arneson Is A Typographic Master

Jesse Arneson's old school, early 20th century silent film typography for the website to the AIGA New Mexico Showdown is some of the most beautiful type I have seen in a long time. And there is lots more on the actual site here.

You should also check out the rest of Arneson's killer work here.

Curtis Jenkins Is Phenomenal

Just stumbled onto this phenomenal work by fellow former Madison-ian Curtis Jenkins.


More here.

Truisms Are Timely

That's the thing about truisms - they always seem right on time.

More to be found here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Entire History of the Title Sequence In 2 Minutes

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Wow, this really is amazing. The entire history of the title sequence, all in two minutes. Truly incredible.

Every Photographer In NYC Project Is Envy Inducing

The Every Photographer in New York Project attempts to photograph - in a photobooth no less - some of the best young photogs working in NYC today. It's making me jealous - this is where I would like to be.