Monday, October 11, 2010

A Clockwork Orange Poster Is Real Horrorshow

When I was in college back at Central Michigan University in the late Nineties, I fell in love with both Stanley Kubrick and Anthony Burgess. These obsessions came together simultaneously, and naturally dovetailed with A Clockwork Orange. I wound up writing a 40 page term paper comparing the Kubrick film with the Burgess novel, titled, "A Clockwork Orange: Two Sides of the Same Vision, or Two Visions of the Same Side". I still quite like that title.

Anyway, over the years I have enjoyed the film more and more, finding plenty of dark humour where I only saw despair when I was younger.

Here is a great poster for a presentation of the film. Great stuff from an excellent blog. Check it out here.

Santa Monica Legitimate Wear Posters Are Cool

These posters are killer. Check out the whole series here.

Good stuff.

Charting The Beatles Is Incredible

Michael Deal has been creating amazing, intricate, and beautiful informational graphics concerning the career of The Beatles. It's unbelievable, inspiring stuff.

Check them out here.