Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Microsoft Dying?

Very interesting article from Daring Fireball about the current status of the computer sales market. Apparently recent figures have suggested that Apple owns about 91% of computer sales above $1000 dollars. This means essentially, if you bought a computer that cost over a grand, there is a nine out of ten chance you bought a Mac. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Take a look here for the entire story.

BTW - thanks again Nubby for the heads up.

Polaroid Vs. Poladroid: See The Differences For Yourself

As I've mentioned before, I love Polaroid. There is another digital option for artists that do not own a Polaroid, or don't have any film, etc. That option is Poladroid, a great free program which digitally creates the look of Polaroid. However, there are several differences between true, legitimate Polaroids and the digitally simulated Poladroid. The gallery above present both Polaroids and Poladroids back to back in order to better understand the differences between them.

From my flickr stream: A side by side comparison of an original Polaroid with a Poladroid version of the same frame. Poladroid automatically "Holga-izes" the images, adding a heavier vignette to the out edges of the frame.

The bottom line? As the song once said, "Ain't nothin' like the real thing baby" - it's Polaroid or nothing if you really want that legit Polaroid feel.

Take a look here for more information.

Josef Muller Brockmann Is Still the Mann

Josef Muller Brockmann is one of the greatest designers in history. Take a few minutes and enjoy this slideshow of his work. It will inspire you.

Thanks Woody

Take heed in this quote from Woody Allen. It gives me solace.

Nubby Twiglet's Media Kit Is Totally Rocking

If you read this blog very often, then you know that I link to a blog called Nubby Twiglet alot. She always has great links, layout, etc. Always, always, always has good stuff.

Recently she posted her 2009 Media Kit. And it is excellent, as expected.

Go take a look at it here.