Saturday, March 20, 2010

Polaroid of the Week: The Legacy of Jamie Livingston

Jamie Livingston was a man who shot a polaroid a day from 1979 until his death in 1997. His legacy of photos has been made available online, and the overall effect is staggering. His final days are documented in heart-rending detail - truly touching and moving stuff. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

From Accidental Mysteries:

I DO NOT KNOW JAMIE LIVINGSTON. I WISH I HAD KNOWN HIM. When I discovered his site I was super excited. On the last day of March 1979 he began a project he called “Photo of the Day.” Then, I noticed that the project ended in 1997. I thought that perhaps the project ended, things happen. But as I dug into his luscious and wonderful images, I noticed that the last photograph was dated October 21, 1997. With a little more research, backing up from that date, I noticed that Jamie had contracted cancer. His last day on earth was his last photograph.

Check out his web site yourself, and follow the project here. And think about each day we have on this earth. Jamie Livingston, thanks for your visual diary. Farewell.

Music Video of the Week: Neon Bible

One of my favorite bands in the world, Arcade Fire, have a new album coming out soon. I love both of their records for completely different reasons - the childlike euphoria of Funeral (their first album), and the dark majesty that is Neon Bible (their second record). Both are 5 stars, and must buys for any music fan. Both albums relate strongly to distinct periods of my life - I feel very, very close to both albums.

The Arcade Fire are truly a unique group, featuring 9 band members and are renowned for their incredible live performances. The lead singer (and main songwriter) Win Butler has a vocal style best described as heroic. When his voice rises on Intervention, heroic is the only appropriate term to describe what you are hearing.

Here is their superb video for the title track of their second album.