Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Roots, John Legend Blow My Mind?

Yeah, that's right. John Legend (who I don't care for) and The Roots (who I do care for) teamed up to cover Arcade Fire. No, really. And awesomeness follows.

Check it out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Agree With Kanye West

Yes, you heard that right. At least in this instance anyway.

The King Is Dead Print Is Killer, Timely

This Lebron is Dead print by the awesome Oliver Bartholomew is killer.

Buy this, and more great stuff here.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Is Seminal

Watch this, it's so pertinent today. The Revolution Will Not Be good....more here....

Movie Type Posters Are Fun

Check these out, these are fun. I especially like the Grandma's Boy one.

Good stuff here.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nimit Malavia is Superb

Lots of amazing illustration by the superb Nimit Malavia to be found here.

Thanks i am nomes for the heads up.

Check Out My MUBI Page To See My Favorite Films

I've been a member of MUBI (formerly called The Auteurs) for a few months now. The site is a place for film lovers to congregate, give reviews, discover unknown films of consequence, and generally talk shop. Should you decide to check it out, beware - it is an amazing black hole for hours of your life. Whenever I decide to log in and update my account, I wind up staying for hours and hours. I've learned of so many films I want to see there, have actually watched quite a few there too.

You can pay to play some films, which is great considering that some of the available pay to play options are not available in the United States. Also, companies will sponsor events and allow you to view a selection free for a limited time. I caught the deviously hilarious Divorce: Italian Style (featuring the incomparable Marcello Mastroianni, one of my favorite actors of all time) for free there earlier this summer.

So become a member, follow me, then you can see what I'm watching and I can see what you're watching too. Check it out here.

RatRod Bicycles Are A Creative Wonderland

Recently I just discovered the underground phenomenon of RatRod bicycles. People are chopping old bikes to make new, "ratrod" styles, a term taken from the similar practice in the motorcycle industry.

The above bike was built from an old frame combined with an old stationary bike. This is seriously ingenious stuff. You really need to see the entire build process to fully appreciate it. Check it out here.

For lots more on RatRod bicycles, go here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Someone Buy Me This MOON Poster

Wow, this is amazing. Buy one here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hi Fi For Bella Vista Is Kinetic, Beautiful

Hi-Fi from bante on Vimeo.

I've always been a big fan of Jazz designer Reid Miles. Ever wondered what his work would look like in motion? Well here you go.

Lots more over at the superb Graphicology.


Knoxville Attempts to Save Detroit

Johnny Knoxville
(yes, that Johnny Knoxville) has decided to try to give a closer look to Detroit in the documentary Detroit Lives.

From Cinematical:

When you mention the name Johnny Knoxville, one thing comes to mind: Jackass. The man has made a career out of performing dangerous stunts and juvenile pranks with his friends -- turning it into a multimedia empire in the process. However, one's body can only take so much abuse -- and as Knoxville gets older, I'm sure he's already planning his next move. The old noggin' probably doesn't take the thumps like it used to.

It turns out that Knoxville might have a future ahead of him as a documentarian. Boot-makers Palladium have been creating a series of viral videos where people don a pair of their boots, grab a camcorder, and explore the urban landscape while talking to the locals. Knoxville is the latest person to meet the challenge, and his film Detroit Lives is scheduled to go up at the Palladium site today. In the meantime, we've got a trailer that doesn't feature a single scene of someone performing an excretory function -- which may be a first for Knoxville.

Detroit, once the fourth largest city in the country, now looks like an urban wasteland. With the decline of the American auto industry, the city has fallen on hard times. But, as Knoxville soon learns, not everyone's giving up on the city. Young artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers are toughing it out -- hoping to revitalize this once proud city and restore it to the glory days of its past. No small task, given how desolate and decayed some places featured in the video look.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer for Detroit Lives and be sure to keep an eye on the Palladium website for the full length version's debut. Can you take Knoxville seriously outside of Jackass or is he dead to you when he's not getting hit in the groin?

It's great, great stuff. Check out lots more here.