Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pacovolume: Weird Name, Great Video

PACOVOLUME "CookieMachine" from discograph on Vimeo.

This is awesome, just watch it. Great typography and a very original chorus. Now how can you resist that?

Ikea Lamp Commercial Makes Me Laugh

Just watch it.

Design Like You Give A Damn

Man, these are awesome. Lots more great stuff over at Design Like You Give a Damn.


Alex Cornell Design Is Fantastic

Alex Cornell is a fantastic young designer. Yes, he is also the director of the Wes Anderson Film Festival trailer, which is gaining serious momemtum online.

Anyway, he has tons of great stuff here, or go directly to his superb portfolio here.

Good stuff my man.

Retrofuturs Posters Are Excellent

I have been spotting these online for the past week or so, and they are awesome. From Blog Like You Give A Damn:

I found these graphic posters via Stéphane Massa-Bidal’s Flickr

Stéphane says this about his work:

"My global concept is called “Retrofuturs”: mix the past, the present, the future and shake it! Before this concept has been contextualized with music (personal compilations with golden oldies, pop, electronic music etc…) with objects (lamps with retrofuturs graphics) and comics for my co-workers (it may be this which triggered the graphic concept)".

Have a peek at this Retrofuturs set here and according to the info on Stéphane’s profile page say that there will be prints available for these posters very soon!

Wes Anderson Film Festival Student Trailer Is Great

Wes Anderson Trailer from Alex Cornell on Vimeo.

Over at the awesome ISO50 site is the above video, directed by a student to promote the Wes Anderson Film Festival in Austin, TX. And it's fantastic. He then walks through the process of creating the clip, in superb detail. Jump over and take a look. Below is some detail concerning the film, but you really should just jump over and read it. Alex Cornell is an extremely talented man - take a look at his site, there are lots of great things there too.

BTW - More great Wes Anderson comparisons here.

It’s hard to believe, but somehow my spring semester is coming to a close this week. The film festival project, which I’ve written about previously, finally has all pieces completed and accounted for. The last element added into the mix was a festival trailer (shown above). Originally, I planned to create a few more ancillary products to flesh out the brand, but these fell through and I had to move on the trailer option late in the game. I teamed up with my friend Phil Mills, a local actor here in San Francisco, and we set about writing, shooting, and editing the film last Sunday afternoon.

We were allowed to base the trailer on just about anything we wanted, so long as it advertised our hypothetical film festival and carried through the visual style of our brand. There were a multitude of directions this could take; we thought the most fun way would be to shoot a Royal Tenenbaums-esque short, and then just throw as much craziness as we could at it. Phil plays T. Allen Fenway, a fictional character we made up to live in our Wes Anderson film festival world. We wanted it to remind you of Wes Anderson, make you laugh, and eventually turn you on to the festival. The 3rd person narrator, use of Futura Bold for all titles, extravagant setting, and full blown randomness were all utilized to aid in conjuring this look and feel.