Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aesthetic Apparatus: The Best of the Best

Aesthetic Apparatus are one of the best young design firms in the world. Known primarily for their staggeringly amazing silkscreen gig posters, AA is responsible for some of the most strikingly original work this side of Art Chantry. Even Hoefler & Frere-Jones recognize their power.

Recently I was able to attend their retrospective at MCAD, and to tour their studio as well. Both events were wonderful experiences. The retrospective is a must see, phenomenal presentation of much of what makes AA unique. Amongst the poster and package design, AA also let viewers in on their process by providing source imagery alongside finished work. This was a real treat.

I followed up this experience by checking out their new workspace. The guys there were awesome, willing to show us around and talk about their techniques, as well as selling me a print that is not available for sale. These guys couldn't be nicer - it's great to know that people as talented as they are are also great people.

Head over to their site and buy a print - they are even more amazing in real life.

PS - That's me and The Historic Ryan Nygard outside their studio. Below is a video of the fellas themselves.