Monday, April 25, 2011

An Entire Magazine Design In 90 Seconds

Little White Lies
is a good magazine of art, music, etc. In the video, their entire creative process for an issue is condensed to 90 seconds. And it is amazing. And it reminds me of Ivy Leaves a bit too.

Thanks Nomes for the heads up.

Louise Fili Subway Poster Is Historical, Impactful

The great Louise Fili has designed a subway poster for the NYC subway system for the School of Visual Arts. The posters draws upon the antique signage still present in the subway system, embedded into the mosaic tiling. While the signage has been totally updated through the years, the original mosaic tiling remains intact in most cases.

Fili was able to create something as timeless and beautiful as the original signage, with a superb literary reference as well. Beautiful.

Check out her process here.

LetterMPress Is Worthy, Needs Your Help

LetterMPress is a Kickstarter project to bring authentic letterpress to the iPad. Sounds strange huh? Watch the film above - they explain the whole thing.

Contribute here. Keep Letterpress alive.