Friday, February 20, 2009

Strictly Discs Are Strictly Awesome

I am convinced that Madison, WI's Strictly Discs is one of the premiere record stores in the United States of America. I'm serious. And their website is fantastic, packed with useful information. A great record store ran by great people - a record store for real music fans.

My top ten album of the year for 2008 (and here too) have been included on their site, as well as many others, including my good friend Pete who I mentioned in a previous post. Spend some time there and buy your albums from them - they deserve it! Go here to check it out.

BTW - The picture to your left is from a release by The School of Seven Bells, a really excellent CD I am binging on right now. Take a listen to the song Face To Face On High Places and you will be hooked.