Thursday, October 6, 2011

What The Breakup Of REM Means, Part 4

For What The Breakup of REM Means, Part 4 we turn to guest blogger Pete Fahndrich. World traveller, shepherd of lost bands/albums/artists, President and Founder of the Madison Institute of Musicologists, and one of the best people you could ever have the good fortune to know, Pete "gets it" and is the only person I know who is as hungry for music as I am, and is willing to talk about it endlessly.

We are Soul Brothers of Musicology, so it is with great pleasure that I bring you his 31 Years, 31 Songs for our old friends REM. I cannot think of a more fitting way to close this series of REM posts than with the selections and memories of someone so specially tuned to REM's greatness. So enjoy...


31. How The West Was Won and Where It Got Us - New Adventures in Hi-Fi
30. Green Grow The Rushes - Fables of the Reconstruction
29. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite - Automatic For The People
28. I Believe - Life’s Rich Pageant
27. Radio Free Europe - Murmur
26. Electrolite - New Adventures In Hi-Fi
25. Bittersweet Me - New Adventues In Hi-FI
24. Finest Worksong - Document
23. Feeling Gravity’s Pull - Fables Of The Reconstruction
22. Sweetness Follows - Automatic For The People
21. Imitation Of Life - Reveal
20. Pretty Persuasion - Reckoning
19. What’s The Frequency Kenneth? - Monster
18. Perfect Circle - Murmur
17. At My Most Beautiful - Up
16. Half A World Away - Out of Time
15. Try Not To Breathe - Automatic For The People
14. Don’t Go Back To Rockville - Reckoning
13. Daysleeper - Up
12. The Great Beyond - Single
11. Begin The Begin - Life’s Rich Pageant
10. Driver 8 - Fables Of The Reconstruction
09. Talk About The Passion - Murmur
08. Leaving New York - Around The Sun
07. Fall On Me - Life’s Rich Pageant
06. Man On the Moon - Automatic For The People
05. Country Feedback - Out Of Time
04. So. Central Rain - Reckoning
03. Nightswimming - Automatic For The People
02. Cuyahoga - Life’s Rich Pageant
01. E-Bow The Letter - New Adventures In Hi-Fi
28. Is because of Mary
27. Is for dropping the needle on the first REM album and hearing this come out
22. Is for my cousin Peter Thomas and driving on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago
19. Is for the big deal Monster was when it came out my first summer in Madison
17. Is because Mike Mills convinced Michael stipe the Beach Boys were worth checking out
08. Is because I wish I didn’t have to
03. Is for the college nights in Madison when we did and for Jereme
01. Is because I could never get past this song