Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hero Hillman Curtis Brings The Inspiration

We all seem to find mentors for our creativity at different points in our lives, people that enter at just the right moment and point you in a new direction or give you a boost when you need it. When I was younger and first learning about design, I found Hillman Curtis' book MTIV. This book proved vital to me, emboldening me to feel like I could do this work, this work that seemed so impossible to achieve. It made me believe I could be a part of this great legacy or thought. It was the right influence at just the right time.

Curtis is fearless as a creative. And this spirit has definitely face my own artistic fears through the years. Recently Curtis sat down with the 99% to discuss the need for reinvention in good work. It is great stuff, and will give you a lift.

Read it here. Buy MTIV here. Superb.