Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wim Crouwel Mini-Doc Is Important, Inspirational

Wim Crouwel is not only an important graphic designer, but a significant thinker. What I mean by this is that his modernist aesthetic is truly an extension of his worldview, which is to approach all things with the economy of deliberate purpose. It is this philosophy that is so vital to not only design but to all things produced, created, or utilized.

Submarine Channel (no relation to the post below) has produced this wonderful mini-documentary about the living legend. The real treat here is to listen to Crouwel discuss his work at the retrospective of his design in Switzerland. The man is a treasure.

Do yourself a favor and spend 10 minutes to watch it. Sorry to make you jump over there, but you will be glad that you did. Since they do not allow embedding, go here to check it out.