Thursday, March 10, 2011

Color Me Obsessed Is Worthy, Timely

Color Me Obsessed is a documentary film about The Replacements, one of the greatest American rock n roll bands of all time. The film focuses on the importance of the band to what is still sadly a cult, underground group of fans. This was a band that should have been a household name - after all, they had the accessible, real songwriting of leader Paul Westerburg (truly one of the greatest songwriters who ever set words to melody) that just never won over a deserved mass audience.

I have been a Replacements fan since my friend Pete made me a mixtape of Mats songs that kicked off with a live version of I Will Dare - a song so infectious that I became an instant fan. Of course it was songs like the immortal Here Comes A Regular that cemented them in my still teenage heart. That fact that this film even exists makes me realize how truly old I am.

Support the film, support the Mats. Long Live the Replacements.