Sunday, September 12, 2010

Check Out My MUBI Page To See My Favorite Films

I've been a member of MUBI (formerly called The Auteurs) for a few months now. The site is a place for film lovers to congregate, give reviews, discover unknown films of consequence, and generally talk shop. Should you decide to check it out, beware - it is an amazing black hole for hours of your life. Whenever I decide to log in and update my account, I wind up staying for hours and hours. I've learned of so many films I want to see there, have actually watched quite a few there too.

You can pay to play some films, which is great considering that some of the available pay to play options are not available in the United States. Also, companies will sponsor events and allow you to view a selection free for a limited time. I caught the deviously hilarious Divorce: Italian Style (featuring the incomparable Marcello Mastroianni, one of my favorite actors of all time) for free there earlier this summer.

So become a member, follow me, then you can see what I'm watching and I can see what you're watching too. Check it out here.