Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Got A Fever, & The Only Prescription Is More Exile

Absolutely going mental for the new Exile On Main Street reissue which comes out on Tuesday. Jimmy Fallon has made this entire past week Stones Week, with different artist coming on to perform songs from Exile (too bad they all suck except Phish, who totally rocked Loving Cup), had interviews with Mick and Keith, and did some sketches with the Stones too.

I have been on the Fallon train since early last summer, when I thought he solidified after a shaky start and had become the most entertaining late night show. It's still a bit inconsistent, and some bits crash and burn, but he does have the best music, best band, and best guests on late night. I also think his impressions are awesome, like his killer Neil Young take.

Anyway, here is the hilarious Pros/Cons bit with Mick and Keef. Too, too funny. Enjoy.