Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raw Power Gets the Legacy Treatment It Deserves

One of the greatest rock albums ever made, Raw Power, (by the Stooges, or, Iggy and the Stooges as it was originally billed) has finally been given the full Legacy Edition reissue treatment that it deserves.

Out of the ashes of the original Stooges came the Stooges Mk. II. This time James Williamson took the helm on guitar, while Ron Asheton (one of the best guitar players ever) took over bass duties. An odd switch to be sure, but makes more sense when you watch the trailer above. David Bowie produced the album, and basically jammed all the gauges in the edge of the red, and floated Iggy on top. Truly a weird mix - the Iggy remaster from 1998 "corrected" much of this, but it still retained an odd quality, especially on Gimme Danger, which is one of my favorite songs ever made. That creepy atmosphere shows up again on Penetration, while Raw Power and Search and Destroy just rip your head off. Pretty much every punk/hard rock band that came after used this album as the template.

Anyway, don't listen to me, listen to Raw Power.