Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rolling Stone Covers Remind Me of When RS Was Good

Over at the solid inspiredology.com they have a three part examination of the design of Rolling Stone covers.

Reading the posts really reminded me of when RS was a quality rock magazine, full of superb interviews with substantive musicians from Joe Strummer (the cover at left) to Marvin Gaye. Now? Zac Efron, The Girls of the Hills, Taylor Swift, or whatever crap is popular that week. Rolling Stone are nothing but a bunch of swill merchants, published by the same group behind Maxim magazine.

I know I sound old, but it makes me truly sad to see what Rolling Stone has become. Often they will attempt to write "serious journalism", but it comes off as a public service message in the middle of the Jonas Brothers TV show - silly, absurd, and impossible to take seriously.

Anyway, head over to the three part posts here.