Sunday, October 25, 2009

Graphic Design: The Movie

Over at the excellent Design Observer there is a piece which casts different actors as graphic designers. From Design Observer:

There's a great line in the Oscar-nominated film Juno in which the title character, contemplating the sort of family she'd like for her unborn child, resists the notion of "wholesome," telling her friend, Leah, that she was hoping for something a little edgier — like, say, a graphic designer. Truth be told, we did a little research and discovered that Canadian actress Ellen Page — who plays Juno — is, in fact, the child of a graphic designer. But still, it got us thinking: if graphic design's become so edgy as a profession that we're getting name-dropped in hit movies, maybe it's time to get serious about how we're really being portrayed. Herewith, our initial choices for some friends and likely suspects, appearing soon in Graphic Design: The Movie.