Saturday, August 29, 2009

REM Rock on "Living Well Is The Best Revenge"

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Oh, REM. To people in my generation, they will always hold an important place in our hearts. They seemed unique and exciting and literate in the midst of a massive sea of Poison and Slaughter and Trixter. But when Bill Berry left after the underrated New Adventures in Hi-Fi, they haven't made a good album since. A few good tunes here and there (Leaving New York), but mostly have carried on in a truly bizarre, soulless way. I call it an odd soullessness, because the one thing REM always had was soul. Apparently, when Berry left, the soul left too.

Anyway, here is a killer live version of Living Well is the Best Revenge, a killer track off yet another so-so record. But this crackles and kicks, so enjoy.