Monday, July 13, 2009

Trent Reznor's How To Make It List Is Crucial, Inspiring

Nine Inch Nails
mainman Trent Reznor recently announced that NIN was going on an indefinite hiatus. But before heading into premature hibernation, he gives young musicians a leg up on making it by sharing his list of do's and don't. It's fascinating, even if you aren't a musician trying to make it. Alot of his advice applies to design too.

From Stereogum:

The Beastie Boys' site offers everything you could possibly want in the formats you would want it in - available right from them, right now. The prices they are charging are more than you should be charging - they are established and you are not. Think this through.

The database you are amassing should not be abused, but used to inform people that are interested in what you do when you have something going on - like a few shows, or a tour, or a new record, or a webcast, etc.

Have your MySpace page, but get a site outside MySpace - it's dying and reads as cheap / generic. Remove all Flash from your website. Remove all stupid intros and load-times. MAKE IT SIMPLE TO NAVIGATE AND EASY TO FIND AND HEAR MUSIC (but don't autoplay). Constantly update your site with content - pictures, blogs, whatever. Give people a reason to return to your site all the time. Put up a bulletin board and start a community. Engage your fans (with caution!) Make cheap videos. Film yourself talking. Play shows. Make interesting things. Get a Twitter account. Be interesting. Be real. Submit your music to blogs that may be interested. NEVER CHASE TRENDS. Utilize the multitude of tools available to you for very little cost of any - Flickr / YouTube / Vimeo / SoundCloud / Twitter etc.

Head over to Stereogum and read the entire thing. It really is superb.