Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old Comic Book Covers Bring It All Back Home

Recently, I came across a big stash of old comic book covers from the late 1980's. Back in the day I collected the Punisher and my cousin Carl collected Wolverine. We would scrounge up as many bottles and cans as we could, jump on our bikes and ride to 7-11 to return them . Whatever we could get for the returns we would put towards buying new comic books. Money in pocket, we would ride our bikes as fast as we could, cutting through back city streets, heading down to Coy's Comics in Old Town Saginaw. Coy's was always packed ceiling to floor with comics - a massive treasure trove of old issues and new that always seemed exciting to me.

Much of what I do as an artist and designer was clearly imprinted in my brain from these covers. When I look at them I see so much of what I do - positive/negative, figure/ground, visceral typography, etc.

Anyway, take a look at these, they are awesome.