Sunday, May 3, 2009

Interview With Michael Bierut Fascinating/Hilarious

Michael Bierut is hilarious (his appearance in Helvetica, his essay "I Hate ITC Garamond") and incredibly insightful (his discussion of Helvetica's influence on advertising design of the late 1950's and early 1960's, also in Helvetica). This is so, so worth watching the eight minutes the video lasts. Superb.

PS - also from Typographica:

Bierut’s reaction to the new Xerox logo:

"I wish I were dead."

So funny, and yet, if you follow the links above, so appropriate! I will say it my own way: when I say the new Xerox logo, I think I threw up in my mouth. More from Typographica that says it perfectly:

Couldn’t have said it more concisely that that, but allow me to elaborate: I feel certain we’ll look back at this era in 20 years and talk about how bad it was for identity design. The same way we talk about what the ’70s-’80s did to architecture.