Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Building Excitement: HBO's Into The Storm

I am very excited about the coming HBO film Into The Storm. It chronicles the leadership of Winston Churchill during World War II. I've always been fascinated with Churchill, as he provided many of the most spine-tingling speeches known to man (We will fight on the beaches! We will fight in the streets! We will never surrender! - I'm paraphrasing btw). When I was young I spent alot of time reading about Churchill, and all WWII history. As an adult, I am torn about Churchill - though a brilliant leader for the British, he was absolutely brutal on the Irish and had no sympathy for their cause.

Anyway, the HBO movie stars the brilliant Brendan Gleeson (one of my favorite character actors) as the man himself. It should be great either way. It premieres May 31st at 9pm.