Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's On The Digital Turntable Right Now

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts lately. I've been absolutely buried with work, insomnia, work, work, work, insomnia, repeat.

Anyway, had to drop a post about a few things I'm digging right now. More to come, I promise.

The new Gliss album, Devotion Implosion, is great. Mix one part Jesus & Mary Chain + early 90's shoegaze + BRMC + something American = Gliss. Really, really digging this record - it bumps and bounces along, then gets really druggy sounding, then electro, then dance-y. It's awesome - there really isn't a bad song on the album. Opener "Morning Light" sets the tone, all fuzzy and blissed out. Superb. Song of the moment: "Sleep"

New Doves record is out, Kingdom of Rust. Doves are survivors of the Great Britpop wars. Haven't listened to this enough yet, but it's been quite awhile since they came out with something new - always an event. I look forward to doing some critical listening with it - more to come about this.

Tentatively digging the new Bat For Lashes record. The whole album has an atmosphere of operatic darkness. One of those records that I will either fall head over heels for or lose interest quickly. Track of the moment: "Glass".

More to come in the future - I just have to get through the next couple of weeks and then it's on to summer!