Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top Ten Suede Songs

This is extremely difficult to narrow a list of my ten favorite Suede songs. My first count was 26 songs - it was incredibly hard to cut it to ten, but that's what makes this a tough task. Inevitably, total classics must be left off. So I've decided that my criteria is based on the songs that mean the most to me. OK, so here is my Top Ten Suede Songs, with youtube links where possible. Enjoy.

1.My Dark Star (Sci-Fi Lullabies)
2.The Next Life (Suede)
3.The Chemistry Between Us (Coming Up)
4.Pantomime Horse (Suede)
5.Trash (Coming Up)
6.Be My God (Single)
7.The Drowners (Suede)
8.Stay Together (Single)
9.The Asphalt World (Dog Man Star)
10.We Are The Pigs (Dog Man Star)

This was so hard because the first three Suede albums - Suede, Dog Man Star, Coming Up - are all five star albums, chock full of perfect epics. Truly one of the most underrated bands ever, a future blogpost will discuss them further, but for now enjoy these.