Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

Since about 1998 I have been attempting to see in concert one of my favorite musical artists of all time - Morrissey. Three times I have purchased tickets, three times something has stopped me from going to the show, and three times I had to eat the ticket - no money back, no refund, nothing.

When I bought tickets for the March 9th show in Asheville, NC back in December, I was so happy that finally, after all these years and attempts, I was going to finally see the Moz. We thought about going to the Myrtle Beach, SC show, but instead decided to go to Asheville because it was on the night of my wife's birthday. I took this as a really good omen - this would finally be my chance!

Since then, Morrissey has stated in the press that he is planning on retiring in the next five years, and that this could possibly be his last tour. I felt so relieved - finally I would get to see Mozzer, and on his last tour ever! Wow, just in time...so lucky...

I've been making the joke for the last several weeks that I wouldn't really believe that I was going to see Morrissey until I was actually there, with him in front of me. This was a joke of course. So on Monday, I was so excited driving into work playing his magnificent new album, Years of Refusal. A couple hours later I found out - the show was cancelled. I felt like this must be an elaborate joke, but there it was, blinking in big red capital letters on the website - CANCELLED. Unbelievable. I still am shocked and stunned, I still can't believe it. So it appears that I am just fated to not see Morrissey. I give up. It sucks, and I have officially given up all hope.