Saturday, March 28, 2009

UPDATED: Satisfaction Town Exhibition/SGC Chicago

The Satisfaction Town multi-media exhibition is taking place this weekend in Chicago, in conjunction with SGC (Southern Graphics Conference). I have a video piece (Intervention) in the show, as do many of my past friends and colleagues. Here's the breakdown:

Satisfaction Town Location: Columbia College, Conaway Center, 1104 South Wabash Ave, ground floor Date: Friday, March 27 Time: 5 - 8 pm

Satisfaction Town
consists of the new breed of printmakers, artists, musicians, performers, poets, activists, and makers. We plan to create an interactive collaborative print environment with a parade of dimensional and flat prints. Traditionally in museum and gallery settings, art is put on a pedestal or framed under glass, removing it from the audience. Our approach for Satisfaction Town will be interactive. We will bring the art directly to the viewer, to distance the work from this hierarchical standard. We will create an active live print space with collaborative teams handing off prints to each other and to audience members.

Featuring: Midwest Pressed (Tim Dooley/Aaron Wilson), Howling Print Studio (Dennis McNett), Peripheral Media Projects, Actual Size Artworks (Gail Simpson/Aristotle Georgiades), Satan's Camaro (Lenore Thomas/Justin Strom), The Amazing Hancock Brothers, Derrick Buisch (202c), Vitamin DD girl on girl collaboration (Jess Wilson, Erin Lee Jones, Tara Mathison, Kassie Teng and Jenny San Martin), The Scavengers (Jason Ruhl/Amy Newell), Fresh Hot Press, Mess Hall Press, Bikini Press International, Bastards of Print Society VS. Dirty Printmakers of America (organized by: Jon Goebel, Brandon Gardner, Meghan O”Connor, Nick Alley), Reptile Worship, beskoniste', Marwin Begaye, Curtis Jones, Nick Alley, Dusty Herbig, Erin O'Connor, Michael Rae/Joseph Velasquez, Joe Leroux, Imin Yeh, David Raine, Amze Emmons, David Teng Olsen, Emerson Stone III, Tim Speaker, Tyanna Buie, Mike McMann, Chris daCRe™, Mark Hosford, Jonas Angelet, Morgan Sims, Steven Hixon, Amanda Knowles, Tom Jones, Keith Lemley, Matt Bindert, Chinn Wang, Justin Maes, Alex Pena, Lloyd W. Patterson Jr. and selected prints by The Frans Masereel Centrum Belgium.

Lots more information can be found here and here. Wish I could be there for it, but I hear that it's going great. I would love to see what my piece looked like projected on the side of a warehouse - that would be amazing. I just could not get away right now....ugh.