Friday, March 13, 2009

Music Video of the Week: Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star
were a really interesting mid-late nineties band. I really got into them for awhile, getting alittle too obsessed at times. I remember when So Tonight That I Might See came out, and one summer I listened to Fade Into You on repeat for about a month. My bedroom was right above my parents, and my Mom wanted to kill me. The best invention for me when I was growing up was the repeat button. That allowed me to climb extremely deep into a song, and totally get lost in immersion. Fade Into You was one of those songs (I once listened to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin for an entire summer - over 3 months on repeat, without stopping the cd player - but that's another level of obsession all together).

Truly a unique and interesting band, made up of songwriter and auteur David Roback and the hauntingly beautiful Hope Sandoval. Mazzy Star made only three albums in their brief lifetime, though each one featured several fantastic tracks. So Tonight That I Might See was easily their most commercially successful album, and was also their most complete. Besides Fade Into You, Five String Seranade, Blue Light, Bells Ring, and the devastating Into Dust were all great songs. Their final album, Among My Swan, featured my favorite song in their repertoire, Roseblood, as well as the excellent Take Everything, Disappear, Rhymes of an Hour, and Look On Down From the Bridge.

Listening to them tonight is bringing back all kinds of memories. Lots of strange memories I haven't thought about in years. Well enjoy.